Film/Video Artist

Video Installations

Gotham Hall (dropbox link)


The Hallows, Halloween Party

RBMA DRONE ROOM (for Nuit Blanche New York)

@ the Knockdown Center, during the Red Bull Music Academy’s stampede through NYC, I mapped this huge room with 5 simultaneous projectors, covering all the windows in the room with projected light. We covered the windows with white vinyl, and piped Analog visuals by ESPTV through Resolume Arena.

UNCUBED 2013 (for Nuit Blanche New York)

Uncubed is a career fair for the tech industry. There was a discussion panel area, and this cardboard box projection map arrangement was behind that area. I can’t remember how many boxes that is, but it’s a bunch. After the job fair, it kind of turned into a party… Some footage of the DJ setup.


The second incarnation of the TV Temple lived for one night at Flux Factory, in Queens, NYC. It was part of the Shake In / Shake Out performance and installation art show on August 9th, 2012.



HOME IS NOT HOME is a collaborative dance and video piece by performance artist Lisa Bufano and Jason Tschantré. It was performed in Douai and Bethune, in North France, in November 2011 as part of the Bethune Arts Festival. The piece explores relationships between people and locations, travel, and the elusive feeling of belonging.

Halloween VJ Session, THE HALLOWS

I VJed this Halloween Party in midtown Manhattan, along with friends at Bitlux Studios. Check out my content on this huge panoramic screen.

Projection Design: The Cocoon Project

Last summer at The Living Gallery in Bushwick

Manhattan Live Visual Session

I took over this huge wall on Bowery & Houston for a night, last Saturday (Oct. 6).

Theater Projection Design

I designed the video projection backdrops to this stage rendition of Edith Wharton’s novella, Summer. My challenge was to complement the stage design and enhance the environment without drawing attention to the technological aspect of the video. Using a minimalistic approach, I created painterly images of natural landscapes and interiors, which dissolved into each other, carrying the audience through scene transitions. Although the design consisted mainly of still images, some moving pictures such as morphing clouds and an arcing moon made it into the piece, but even these were very slow moving, to preserve the feeling of stillness. Watch a video run-through here:

Video and Lighting Installation: Halloween Party

FreaksNGeeks in Bushwick was the party was the best Brooklyn Halloween party of 2010, and I designed all the lighting and video installations.


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