Film/Video Artist

Film & Editing Work

99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film

99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film

I am proud to have worked on this film, as Lead Co-editor and Cinematographer. The film was an official selection at Sundance Film Festival in 2013, and has been acquired by Participant Media. Expect a theatrical release, as well as a television premiere.

Carnegie Hall’s Cultural Exchange

Carnegie Hall’s Cultural Exchange Program connects children from all over the world, to educate them about culture and music. This video is one of many I have created for the program, which invites students to connect with each other via the internet.

Strings On The Rez

This film follows 4 Navajo teen musicians as they hone their craft, contemplate what their heritage means to them, and decided whether or not to stay on their reservation after graduating high school. Just finished for Television, this hour-long doc is slated to appear on PBS in Arizona this year.

Opera Madness

The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts live shows on PBS, nationwide. This is a short piece I edited, which played during the intermission of a live opera broadcast. Produced by Molly McBride of Sathya Productions.

Non-Profit Organization Promo Video: Midori & Friends

This was one of my favorite videos to work on. It’s not heavy on graphics or fun doodads, and the subject matter is pretty down to earth, but everyone at this organization is just so chill and positive. It really comes through. Produced by Gil Gilbert Productions.

Carnegie Hall’s Global Encounters

This is an educational program for High School students, which teaches about music and culture around the world, through live concerts, international group webcam chats, and videos such as this one.


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