Film/Video Artist

CV & Résumés


2014 May 16 – HARDCORE, Red Bull Music Academy – Knockdown Center, Queens – A wild night of all types of hardcore music, including a performance by Napalm Death

2014 May 14 – ROUND ROBIN DUETS, Red Bull Music Academy – Town Hall, Manhattan – A night of rotating duets of musical improvisation with Jazz and Hip-hop greats, featuring a projection-mapped stage with live video playback

2014 May 1 – BOUNCE BALLROOM, Red Bull Music Academy – Brooklyn Night Bazaar – A decadent dance party with a projection-mapped stage, and live video playback of professional dance troupes

2014 April 25 – LOST LECTURES – Knockdown Center, Queens, NY – A secret lecture series in the TED style, with projection art and instructional slideshows

2014 April 17 – CAMDEN NIGHT GARDENS – Camden NJ – An outdoor light festival with projection and light art

2014 March 14 – NY ARCHITECTURAL LEAGUE ANNIVERSARY BALL – Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn – a 5 projector mapping installation

2014 January 23 – LES BEATS, Red Bull Music Academy – Chinatown, NYC, a night of music, projection mapping, and lasers

2013 November 17 – SE7EN MUSIC FESTIVAL – Manaus, Brazil, an annual electronic music festival, featuring a 30-000 Lumen projection mapping installation.

2013 November 1 – BROOKLYN NIGHT BAZAAR Opening Night – a night market of arts & crafts and local food, with creative lighting design, live music, and video projections.

2013 October 16 – SHE WAS FREAKS 4a non-CMJ music event with digital music and video @ The Silent Barn, Brooklyn.

2013 October 5 – OneBeat 2013, featuring visual projections by NBNYOneBeat brings musicians from around the world for a residency and tour program in the U.S.

2013 October 4 – NOLI ME TANGERE, a Filipino opera with video projection backdrops, directed by Jerry Sibal @ The Kaye Playhouse, Hunter College

2013 October 3 – SABRINA LA CAPRICHOSA, Workshop @ Dixon Place, LES. Surrealist play with video supertitles and inter-scenes.

2013 August 24 & 25 – BROOKLYN, SWEDEN, a music festival by Brooklyn Brewery, featuring video projections by NBNY, and musicians Lydia Lunch and Designer Drugs.

2013 August 3 – KICKSTARTER FILM FESTIVAL, featuring a video installation by NBNY

2013 June 25 – SHE WAS FREAKS 3: CYST RAVE, a collaborative sound, performance, and video installation @ The Silent Barn, Brooklyn. VIDEO HERE


2013 May 28 – Red Bull Music Academy presents: KUNST ALS KLANG, an light and sound performance, featuring Pantha Du Prince & NBNY, @ West Park Church, Manhattan.

2013 May 24 – Red Bull Music Academy presents: NO SLEEP TILL CROYDON: THE ROOTS OF DUBSTEP, a dub-step party with video-mapped speakers by NBNY @ SRB Brooklyn.

2013 May 23 – Red Bull Music Academy presents: UNITED STATES OF BASS @ Santos Party House, NYC. An epic portrait of hip-hop throughout the USA during the late 20th century, featuring live video entertainment by NBNY.

2013 May 2 – Red Bull Music Academy presents: DRONE ACTIVITY IN PROGRESS, an audiovisual mosaic of drone music and analog video mapping, featuring NBNY.

2012 December 31 – BangOn! NYC presents: REBIRTH, a New Year’s Eve party with mixed lighting and video projection installations @ A Huge Empty Warehouse, Brooklyn, THE TV TEMPLE

2012 October 28 – THE HALLOWS, a Halloween party with live visuals @ The Hotel Pennsylvania, Manhattan

2012 October 6 – LIVE URBAN WALLS, a public video art and human rights awareness event @ Bowery and Houston, Manhattan, LIVE VIDEO SESSION

2012 September 22 – THE BUSHWICK ZOO, a fashion and art show @ The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, COCOONS

2012 August 9 – SHAKE IN / SHAKE OUT, a group performance and installation show @ Flux Factory, THE TV TEMPLE

2011 November 16 – CORPS, PROTHESIS ET BIO-OBJETS, a group performance show @ Le Garage, Bethune, France, HOME IS NOT HOME

2011 November 16 – L’ART + TOI, a solo performance @ L’Hippodrome, Douai, France, HOME IS NOT HOME

2011 July – HACKPOSIUM, a series of workshops and lectures exploring the practical, philosophical and playful applications of the term “hacking”@ Flux Factory. I gave a talk about DUMPSTER DIVING

2011 January – MAKE OVER SERIES, Bushwick Project for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY, THE TV TEMPLE


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