Film/Video Artist


BOS ’14: Projection-Mapped Audio-Reactive Sculpture

In case you didn’t make it out, this is what I created for Bushwick Open Studios, Bootleg Mansion, 2014. The projection surface consists of a diamond-shaped pegboard screen, with an ornate frame of wooden palettes, household objects, and trash. Watch the video to see what I did with it. The track is ZEBRA by Oneohtrix Point Never. For a “cinema pure” experience, turn the sound off!




The second incarnation of the TV Temple lived for one night at Flux Factory, in Queens, NYC. It was part of the Shake In / Shake Out performance and installation art show on August 9th, 2012.

Projection Design: Home Is Not Home

HOME IS NOT HOME is a collaborative dance and video piece by performance artist Lisa Bufano and Jason Tschantré. It was performed in Douai and Bethune, in North France, in November 2011 as part of the Bethune Arts Festival. The piece explores relationships between people and locations, travel, and the elusive feeling of belonging.

Theater Projection Design: Summer

I designed the video projection backdrops to this stage rendition of Edith Wharton’s novella, Summer. My challenge was to complement the stage design and enhance the environment without drawing attention to the technological aspect of the video. Using a minimalistic approach, I created painterly images of natural landscapes and interiors, which dissolved into each other, carrying the audience through scene transitions. Although the design consisted mainly of still images, some moving pictures such as morphing clouds and an arcing moon made it into the piece, but even these were very slow moving, to preserve the feeling of stillness. Watch a video run-through here: